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December 20th, 2010 by admin

Welcome to Gothic Hair Extensions dot com! We hope to provide up-to-date information on the hair extension biz, but more specifically gothic hair extensions which are gaining ground in the UK, North America, and Asia.

We’ll do our best to feature products and companies that offer gothic styles and quality products.

A jot about gothic hair extensions/falls:
Gothic hair extensions, or falls, and accessories are more extreme in color, style, texture, and material than traditional hair extensions. These types of alternative hair extensions are typically worn by those a part of the gothic, cyber, or punk subculture. and are very often home made with supplies from local craft stores.

Gothic hair extensions can be made of a variety of synthetic materials including Plastic, Wire, Wool, Tubing, Flannel, Faux Dread locks, Human Hair Dread Locks, Foam, – we’ve seen it all.

Often to achieve these amazing styles, the client’s real hair is pinch-braided with the synthetic materials. For the dreaded look, pun intended, once the real hair and the synthetic material have been pinch braided, the synthetic material (usually wool for dreads) is teased.

Pinch braiding shown here allows the synthetic materials to be snipped out once you’re sick of them or want to try something new, and also allows for the braids to be tightened if desired. Be sure to track down a certified stylist for these types of hair extensions or falls, as they are applied in a manner far different than traditional hair extensions.

For those inclined to DIY, be sure to check out the available forums and “how to” hair extension sites that are out there. There are many things to consider before venturing into the world of synthetic, albeit terrific, hair extensions especially when doing it yourself. For one, they can be heavy (plastic, dreads, tubing) or they can shrink – in the case of yarn and wool!

Photos via the gothic hair extension guide.